Review Policy

As stated on my home page, I typically read horror, suspense, mystery, historical fiction, thriller, and some non-fiction genres. However, I am trying to read things I would not be apt to pick up on my own. If you are an author that writes in a genre that I did not list above, please still contact me and I will consider your novels on a case by case basis.

1) I prefer hard copies of your novels instead of eBooks. There is just something about the way a book feels and the smell of its pages that make them much more enjoyable to read. However, I will consider an electronic version of your book if the subject matter interests me, but it will take me considerably longer to read and review.

2) Although I am open to reading other types of genres, I will not read erotic or sexually explicit fiction/non-fiction pieces. No exceptions for this policy.

3) My reviews will be an honest representation of how I felt while reading your novel. I do try very hard not to book bash as well as give positive feedback along with the negative.

4) I am open to doing author interviews and will try to tailor the questions specifically to you, the author. That means I will most likely research you a little, read your blog if you have one, etc. before I send you a list of questions. I will try to keep the number of questions to be no more than 10.

5) I will post the review for your book on my blog as well as If you would like me to post them on another site as well, please specify in your review request e-mail to me.

Please send all inquires for reviews to my e-mail:

Also, please indicate in the subject line of your e-mail that it is a request for a book review. In the body of the e-mail give me a synopsis of your book and anything that you would like to me to specifically mention in the post for your book review.

I typically read a book a week due to life and work, since this blog is for fun and to get me back into reading regularly. I will send you an e-mail in return to let you know that the review is complete and has been posted.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will address them as quickly as I can.

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